Stoofpotje van spinazie met kikkererwten en gepocheerde eieren

Een-pans gerechten, mmm!


Toen ik vorige week een blog met een nieuw recept schreef voor de site van Mama & Family, (overigens echt enorm lekker, al zeg ik het zelf, check maar hier: geroosterde asperges met ei ) bedacht ik me dat ik nog veel meer lekkere een-pansgerechten kon maken waar eieren langzaam in garen.

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From English to Dutch again

Dear Veggie friends,


As you might have noticed, I decided to write my blogposts in Dutch again…

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Tortillas van boekweit en kikkererwten

Een Nederlandse versie van een Mexicaanse tortilla. In Ibiza


Eigenlijk maak ik ze veel te weinig. Deze makkelijke pannenkoekjes van boekweit- en kikkererwten meel. Mijn vriendin in Nederland kwam er opeens mee aan zetten en vanaf dat moment waren ze vaste prik bij een wijntje. En dan homemade tapenades erbij van zwarte olijven, pesto’s, of gewoon een kaasje. Echt heel lekker.

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Vegan curry of roasted peppers

In the little Dutch town where I grew up, there was, and still is, this one and only Indian restaurant, called Taj Mahal. We often went there for dinner on sundays, with friends of my mother, my brother and I. I can’t remember that is was ever not nice. I loved it!

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Roasted pumpkin salad with farro

To be honest, I am not the greatest fan of pumpkin recipes, (except for a great soup with coconutmilk and lime, which I promise to make soon, if you can handle one more P** recipe) especially not when everyone is bombing you with it online.

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Crustless Zucchini Pie

I don’t know about you, but as far as I know;  a party without a stuffed table, ain’t a party!

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The very best egg-salad

Over the years I have been cooking so many dishes and have been trying out just as many new

one ones. Some were alright and some just ‘muah’. But sometimes you just accidentally come up

with a recipe that turns out to be amazing and sticks forever.

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Super Veggie Burger!

Tomato, tomato!


Enthousiastic burger eater as I am (not!), I found it a great challenge to make a typical veggie burger for this nice contest Heinz tomato ketchup came up with. It really might be worth considering sending your own special burger recipe to the link below. The well known Dutch chefRon Blaauw’ of the eponymous restaurant in Amsterdam, is, together with Heinz looking for the best homemade burger, to add it on the menu of his restaurant ‘Ron’s Gastrobar’ in Amsterdam. The announcement will be made at a major final event. Just think of it; your own incredibly tasty super duper (veggie!!) burger on the card! Wouldn’t that be something? Enter the contest and place your burger on the menu!

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Lovely Lentil Salad

Yes, it does rain in Ibiza. After months of incredible heat, it started to rain. Suddenly, and way too early, if we should believe the locals. Rain in august isn’t normal in Ibiza. And as much as we had, even totally rediculous.

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Organic Limoncello!

Everything tastes better homemade!


Living in Ibiza for just over a year now, we slowely but surely got to learn how nature (here) works. We were so lucky to find this amazing house in the calm and peaceful north of the island, where previous owners had put so much time and love into growing multiple fruit plants and trees on the porperty, over the years.

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