Black rice paella

Mr. Anti-Oxident


So I missed out on Valentines day again. Although, last year I was just in time to come up with this little heart-beet recipe.. this year I decided to just skip it totally. And not without a reason to be honest.

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Savoury quinoa & Kale pie

Quinoa and Kale, a love story


I read somewhere, I believe it was on Food52, that quinoa and kale were made for each other. I couldn’t agree more. Since Gwyneth Paltrow decided It was All Good, and created the loveable and super simple quinoa and kale recipe, topped with a fried egg, I have been eating this combo daily.

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Sweet potato soup with cannellini beans and jalapeño’s

Dear veggie friends!

It’s a brand new year, and so a healthy and fresh start for all of us! With lots of great new recipes, but also with new ideas and projects to get busy with. In the past few weeks I have been thinking about the blog, and how to continue this upcoming year. Veggie Very Much has made it’s appearance in january 2013, so we’re alive and kicking for exactly a year now! It was a great foodie year, can’t say otherwise. I’ve read and learned (and talked!) so much about food, and how it can work for you, instead of against you. I had to find my way in the frequency of posting a new blog, when to photograph (daylight!), when to write (at night!), what to tell, and when to shut up!

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Kale salad with butternut squash, quinoa and sprouties

All the way, with kale


So, there we are. I FINALLY did it: I. Made. A. Kale. Recipe. And not just the one and only I knew: mashed potatoes with kale and gravy, the way my mom used to make it, (and the one I made a dozen times since, too.) Nope. This is a recipe with the new kale.

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3-way dip (to impress!)

My whole family knows by now that I am a sucker for good- and real food, as do my kids, my man, my friends, everyone. I can get utterly excited about food matters and everything that comes with it. Beautiful plates? I’m on it. A new revolutionary cookbook? Me, me, me! Special superfood recipes? Come to mama!

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Magical mushroom stew with cream of celeriac

Yes, there was a time I ate meat. I did. Not much, and never eagerly, but now and than I did, when my kids seemed to crave for smoked sausage for example, to go with their stew, or just a firm piece of steak. Organically of course, and always overloaded with vegetables (which I mainly ate), but still.. it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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Vegetarian chili with orange and spicy spices

Chili to love

I love my mom dearly. I really, really do. She is fun to be with, interesting and gorgeous, and always willing to support or help in any way. She just ain’t a great cook (I’m sorry mom). I grew up with mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy, which I loved by the way, but without a lot of variation. And when she was in a hurry, (again, sorry mom) she made me ‘Wonder mashed potatoes and vegetables’.

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Fabulous Farotto with kale and goat cheese

Fabulous Farotto (if you know how to make it!)


Every now and then I come across a recipe which is so good, with such a delicate or rich flavor, or just a texture which is completely new to me,  I’ll make it over and over again. And every time I make it, I’ll personalize it just a bit more. This farotto is one of them.

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Grilled pear salad, with arugula and goat cheese

Let’s enjoy fall with a great salad of grilled pear!

Autumn definitely has begun, with golden leaves falling from the trees and crisp air in the morning sun. God, that sounds like a poem, doesn;’t it? Though, I wasn’t enjoying it much the past week and a half, since I walked around like an old crippled woman. I’m just starting to recover a bit, I must say, since I bruised my ribs last week, kind of badly.

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