Organic Limoncello!

Everything tastes better homemade!


Living in Ibiza for just over a year now, we slowely but surely got to learn how nature (here) works. We were so lucky to find this amazing house in the calm and peaceful north of the island, where previous owners had put so much time and love into growing multiple fruit plants and trees on the porperty, over the years.

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Soppa del dia

Una Soppa del dia de Ibiza

The fact that Veggie was on hold a bit, or a lot actually, was not because of a lack of my interest, or even inspiration.. not at all! But mainly because we decided to move from Amsterdam to Ibiza with our three kids, three horses, dog and a cat.

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Super Veggie Burger!

Tomato, tomato!


Enthousiastic burger eater as I am (not!), I found it a great challenge to make a typical veggie burger for this nice contest Heinz tomato ketchup came up with. It really might be worth considering sending your own special burger recipe to the link below. The well known Dutch chefRon Blaauw’ of the eponymous restaurant in Amsterdam, is, together with Heinz looking for the best homemade burger, to add it on the menu of his restaurant ‘Ron’s Gastrobar’ in Amsterdam. The announcement will be made at a major final event. Just think of it; your own incredibly tasty super duper (veggie!!) burger on the card! Wouldn’t that be something? Enter the contest and place your burger on the menu!

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Black rice paella

Mr. Anti-Oxident


So I missed out on Valentines day again. Although, last year I was just in time to come up with this little heart-beet recipe.. this year I decided to just skip it totally. And not without a reason to be honest.

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Savoury quinoa & Kale pie

Quinoa and Kale, a love story


I read somewhere, I believe it was on Food52, that quinoa and kale were made for each other. I couldn’t agree more. Since Gwyneth Paltrow decided It was All Good, and created the loveable and super simple quinoa and kale recipe, topped with a fried egg, I have been eating this combo daily.

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Sweet potato soup with cannellini beans and jalapeño’s

Dear veggie friends!

It’s a brand new year, and so a healthy and fresh start for all of us! With lots of great new recipes, but also with new ideas and projects to get busy with. In the past few weeks I have been thinking about the blog, and how to continue this upcoming year. Veggie Very Much has made it’s appearance in january 2013, so we’re alive and kicking for exactly a year now! It was a great foodie year, can’t say otherwise. I’ve read and learned (and talked!) so much about food, and how it can work for you, instead of against you. I had to find my way in the frequency of posting a new blog, when to photograph (daylight!), when to write (at night!), what to tell, and when to shut up!

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Kale salad with butternut squash, quinoa and sprouties

All the way, with kale


So, there we are. I FINALLY did it: I. Made. A. Kale. Recipe. And not just the one and only I knew: mashed potatoes with kale and gravy, the way my mom used to make it, (and the one I made a dozen times since, too.) Nope. This is a recipe with the new kale.

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3-way dip (to impress!)

My whole family knows by now that I am a sucker for good- and real food, as do my kids, my man, my friends, everyone. I can get utterly excited about food matters and everything that comes with it. Beautiful plates? I’m on it. A new revolutionary cookbook? Me, me, me! Special superfood recipes? Come to mama!

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Magical mushroom stew with cream of celeriac

Yes, there was a time I ate meat. I did. Not much, and never eagerly, but now and than I did, when my kids seemed to crave for smoked sausage for example, to go with their stew, or just a firm piece of steak. Organically of course, and always overloaded with vegetables (which I mainly ate), but still.. it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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